Person trapped outside of space/time.


Deep within the ruins, the party found a wall comprised of a strange glass and activated some mechanism.

“Is someone there?” a voice called out from across time and space.

Jomra is the king of the civilization that once lived in the ruins some untold time prior. But their hubris in finding immortality by way of time travel resulted in he and his people trapped in some higher dimension of time. This causes Jomra to experience life in a way that any time he or his people try to interact with a timeline, they will be forced sideways in time to a timeline where they never did it at all. Having all but accepted defeat and eternity as immortals unable to do anything but watch, the party’s arrival commanded the lost king’s attention.

He petitioned the party to rescue him and his people and offered anything they wanted – his kingdom, its riches, its technology, his royal title and authority – anything to be free of their current state.

Jomra explained that with three resonator stones of substantial size that their time machine could be re-activated, which would open the path into time once more, allowing his kingdom to return to the physical world, where they could once more rejoin in the flow of time as normal people understand it. However, he cautioned the party to beware a singular, powerful threat: a man who appears to match Glund’s description.



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