Drifter’s Name: Frisk
Drifter’s Age: (my) Child
Drifter’s Gender: Frisk
Life Path: Bring peace between humans and monsters
Goals: Find a monster boyfriend or girlfriend, or… whateverfriend
Relationships: Everyone
Drifter’s Race: Human
Drifter’s Subtype:Sycophant (wow, rude.)
Racial Bonuses: Not worth mentioning
Racial Penalties: Not worth mentioning

Subtype Bonuses

•+3 to Charisma
•+1 to Intelligence
•+2 to social interactions with aristocrats, merchants and government officials
• Sycophants get +3 to all subterfuge and interrogation rolls

Subtype Penalties

• -1 to Melee Attack or Skill (Choose one)
• -2 to Stamina
• During social interactions with other Sycophants, Charisma is treated as 0


Health Points: 29/29
Technique Points: 18/18
Willpower: 7/7
Experience Points: 5 (as of the end of Session 3)
Speed: 9
Money: 122 Silver


Melee Attack: 0
Ranged Attack: 1
Stamina: 1
Intelligence: 3
Charisma: 4
Skill: 1

Techniques/Spells/Abilities; Special Rolls

Size ‘em Up – Tech Points: 4. A Sycophant’s strong suit is knowing their audience. By taking just a moment of time to assess the person’s (or persons’) facial expressions and body language, they can know right away whether their audience has a positive or negative impression of them and where the conversation is going. This technique will not work over great distances, nor if the target in question is out of line of sight, or hidden.

Precision F-Bomb – Tech Points: 2. The Sycophant’s title may seem harsh, compared to some of their fellows, but sometimes there’s reasons to these things. A Sycophant can deliver a stinging rebuke to any target when the need arises. Roll Willpower. Targets must roll Willpower in return to defend being suckered into social combat. Targets with the Prideful flaw automatically fail versus this technique.

Bait & Switch – Tech Points: 6. A Sycophant can change the topic of conversation the same way a construction crew can redirect a river. Like the river, the focus can move fluidly to their favor. When the conversation mandates handling an item, money, or evidence, a Sycophant can add +3 to their next social roll. However, this may only be invoked once per item in the discussion.

Tier 1 Abilities (7 Exp)

Used Car Salesman’s Stance – Tech Points: 8. The bread-n-butter of every Sycophant since the job was born, the ability to persuade and diffuse arguments opposed to the persuasion has been key to their survival. This gives +2 to the next social roll executed and, further, ignores any flaws or drawbacks that would impose a penalty on the user for the same duration. This is exhausting, however, and tends to drain those who rely on it for long spans of time. (Insurance Saleman’s Stance).
Merits & Flaws

Lucky: Once per scene, I can reroll an action, regardless of whose it was. (-5)
Seductive Voice: Gain +1 to all rolls to flirt, seduce, persuade, and pry. (-4)
Sixth Sense: GM has to warn me if I’m going to do something stupid, and I can ask for a clue once per scene. (-1)
Unshakable Focus: Whenever I set to a task, I can tune out any distractions. (-4)
Willful: I gain +2 willpower when acting in-line with my ideals or doing something badass. (-6)

Child: Stamina is reduced by 1 (unless it is already 1 or lower). TP is halved (gains not affected). Social Combat rolls suffer 2 against adults. (3)
-Forbidden Love: I tried very hard. (

Haunted: When I awaken, roll current Willpower, difficulty 8. If I fail, -1 to all rolls for the rest of the day. Every day I succeed, the difficulty will increase by 1 until I fail, at which point it returns to difficulty 8. (Current Successes: 4) (6)
Pacifist: To engage in combat, roll Willpower with difficulty 8 or pay 4 temp willpower, or else be inflicted with Fear until I succeed. (
Poor Impulse Control: Attempts to persuade me through flirtation, seduction and bribery gain 2 against me. (4)
Wanted: The king of the monsters literally wants my SOUL. (4)
Dirt Poor: -200 silver at start. (

Gear, Items & Money

• Backpack: It’s… a backpack.
• Adventurer’s Kit: 2 weeks rations, canteen, 50 ft rope, 3 candles, sleeping bag, flint & steel.
• Lantern: It’s a lantern!
• Lamp Oil: Yes.
• Map: A map of the… surrounding area? I’m not sure where we are actually…
• Compass: The needle always points north! When I combine this with the map, I get +1 to all survival rolls.
• Pocket Watch: I can tell time using this thing!
• Heart Locket: A heart-shaped locket inscribed with the words “Best Friends Forever.”
• Healing Potion: 25% health restoration
• Blue Magic Potion: Restores 25% TP or MP

• Ingredients x7
• Wood x4

Current Rations: 11

Stick: [Blunt] -2 to accuracy. +1d4 damage. This is just a stick!

Striped Shirt: You can tell I am a kid because I’m wearing this!


Short Autobiography & Special Notes

A few months ago, I was playing in the park when my village was suddenly attacked by an overwhelming and incredibly fast army of monsters. During the chaos of the attack, I was grabbed by a large, goat-like creature who began to carry me off. I was so afraid, and sure that I was going to be carried to its den and eaten. I screamed and kicked, but the creature was too powerful, and I couldn’t escape. With the attack going on, it was impossible for anyone to help me…

The creature ran for what felt like hours, before finally slowing to a stop in a forest far from town. Putting me down, the creature told me not to be afraid, and said that her name was Toriel. She gave me a heart-shaped locket and told me to put it on immediately. After I did, she told me that it wasn’t safe in my village, but she would keep me safe for the night. I can’t remember what happened next, but when I woke up, I was lying in bed in a strange house that I had never known before.

I found the strange goat monster, Toriel— who I later learned wasn’t a goat monster, but was a mystic called a “hind”— who had cooked breakfast for me. I asked her when I could go home, and she got sad. She didn’t seem to know what to say, and told me it was best if we didn’t go back there for a while. But I kept asking, and she eventually said she would take me there.

When we reached the village, there was… nothing left. Almost everything had been burned down, and there was nobody around. I remember seeing where my house used to be… I started to cry, and after that, I can’t remember anything from the rest of the day.

In the months that followed, I learned that Toriel was a member of a group of mystics and monsters who wanted peace, and had come to the village to rescue as many villagers as they could. But after the attack, Toriel wasn’t able to contact any of her friends, and she doesn’t know why. I don’t know how many people from my village have survived, or if my parents…

I also met her son, Asriel, who is the same age as me. I like him a lot, and we play together all the time. He has a heart-shaped locket, just like mine. I didn’t notice it when I first got it, but both lockets have the words “Best Friends Forever” carved into them. I don’t know why, and Asriel and Toriel won’t tell me…

Ever since the attack, I have been having strange dreams. I am lying in bed, and it hurts a lot, while someone with a deep voice is telling me that I am “the future of humans and monsters.” Sometimes these dreams are so bad that it makes it hard to do anything for the rest of the day…

[OOC Note: Frisk doesn’t know this, but their soul has a special property that makes it attractive to monsters and mystics. The locket is serving as a sort of suppressor— without it, any mystic or monster with the ability to see magical auras can see Frisk’s for miles. While wearing it, though, the mystic or monster actually has to get close enough to see Frisk before they can notice the aura.]


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