Drifters Beta Test

Log 3 - Wendigo Hunt

Mechano, Frisk, and Asriel have just talked to Aaron and are still in the city. They need to find lodging for the night before heading out into the forest.

Mechano asks Aaron to let him stay overnight, but Aaron explains that he and his wife are having a scuffle back home. He pays for a night at the local inn for Mechano and company, though, as thanks for Mechano agreeing to find his lost supplier.

They head into the nearby tavern/inn. The first floor is a bar and restaurant, with the inn above. A large man tends bar, and a sphinx mystic serves the tables.

Aaron introduces Old Joe, the bartender – a former drifter. Aaron then introduces the party to Joe, who offers to get the kids some milk and the adults some drinks.

Joe asks what Mechano is doing there. Mechano anxiously explains that he’s just a normal nondescript person. Aaron explains that the party has agreed to help him find his lost supplier from the wendigo.

Frisk asks “What’s Wendigo like?”

Joe explains that they’re large, dangerous, angry monsters that wear goat skulls on their heads. Frisk glances at Asriel— who is completely unamused. Frisk then asks what they’re angry about. Joe says everything.

Frisk says that sounds pretty sad, and wonders why no one’s tried just talking to them. Joe dismisses the idea as ridiculous.

Joe shows off the menu. Frisk makes sure nothing has snails in it, which confuses Joe slightly. Asriel insists Frisk would like it if they just tried it.

Joe asks if Mechano really thinks he can stop the Wendigos. Mechano incredulously asks if Joe knows who he is – then realizes that he’s in disguise and that of course he shouldn’t. He mumbles to himself.

Joe says they’ll need assistance going into the forest, and whistles over for three adventurers across the bar – Mina, Ajax, and Lucia. Mechano squints suspiciously, thinking he’s seen them around somewhere.

Mina hands the children candy. Frisk eats theirs immediately, while Asriel saves his for later. Mechano frowns and asks why he didn’t get one too; Mina gives him one too.

Frisk asks if Mina’s ever talked to a Wendigo. She hasn’t, but wonders if they’d throw great parties.

Joe mentions that there’s a 500 Silver reward for a Wendigo, dead or alive. Joe also explains that deep in the forest there’s said to be a vast treasure hoard left behind by pirates.

Frisk asks what would happen to a Wendigo that’s captured alive, and Joe explains that they’d just be taken apart and used for resources. Frisk is horrified and says they really don’t care about how useful their hides are.

Frisk wants to take Mina along— she’s endeared herself to them with the candy. Mechano thinks Ajax’s strength might be the better choice for taking down a Wendigo. Frustrated, Mechano asks Asriel to solve the dispute. He too picks Ajax, enamored by how strong and tall she is. Ajax accompanies them.

Joe further mentions that there’s an old rumor that a wizard laid a great source of power somewhere in the forest. Joe thinks it may be a large Resonator, which piques Mechano’s – and the nearby dragon mystic Alecia’s – interest.

The group heads upstairs to go to bed. As Frisk heads up the stairs, Frisk’s aura can be seen by Alecia – whose mystic eye detects something powerful about them. It’s a strange aura, unlike any Alicia has ever seen. It’s crossed with black and white lines in a double helix. Alecia stares at Frisk intently.

Frisk immediately notices Alecia staring at them. Frisk offers a friendly “Howdy!”

Alecia is taken aback as Frisk introduces themself, continuing to stare. Frisk looks down at themself to see if they spilled anything on their clothes. Alecia asks why Frisk is here; Frisk explains that they came here to get a carpenter, but now they’re looking for a missing person.

Alecia wonders what kind of reward they’d get for finding him. Asriel remembers that catching the Wendigo would net them 500 silver. Frisk also mentions a “Radiator” (Resonator) stone, but Mechano shushes them, not wanting others to know about the rare powerful artifact.

Frisk thinks that they should invite Alecia along to help them. Mechano says that they can’t trust her because she’s a stranger. Frisk says that Mechano’s a stranger too, but Mechano insists that he’s obviously trustworthy, smiling insincerely.

Alecia grows impatient and asks what the hell the group is doing, whispering to themselves on the stairs. Frisk says they’re discussing whether or not to tell her about the “Radiator”, frustrating Mechano further. Asriel is also frustrated… by Frisk’s inability to remember the word “Resonator.”

Asriel lets it slip that the Resonator they’re looking for is huge. Mechano insists it’s not, since children often exaggerate things. Alecia asks why Mechano’s sweating so much if it isn’t; Mechano retorts that he’s just a naturally sweaty person, and that Alecia was insensitive for pointing it out.

Alecia says the team looks like they wouldn’t make it, but Asriel interprets that as her offering to come to help.

Mechano steps forward, whispering in hushed tones that he knows what Alecia’s game is – and warns her that the Resonator is his. Alecia taunts him, saying she might just take it for herself after all. The two form an unsteady alliance and split up into their own rooms to retire for the night.

During the night, Frisk asks Mechano about why the guards wear different-colored uniforms. Mechano explains the five families that control the town, and mentions what a bad job they’re doing; Hypothetically, Mechano would run this town – this entire land – far better.

They wake up the next day, retrieve the Mechano Walker from the parking garage, and set out to the forest.

Frisk doesn’t want to hurt the Wendigo. Mechano brushes off the idea. Frisk really wants to bring it back alive.

Ajax tells them where Wendigos come from. Ajax explains how they’re descendants of humans who turned to cannibalism and became cursed. Frisk says it’s not fair that they have to suffer because of something their ancestors did. Ajax says life’s not fair… but Frisk says that if that’s true, then it’s up to people to try to make the world a better place. Frisk buys manacles to capture the Wendigo nonviolently.

Mechano and the kids get in the Mechano Walker, while Alecia and Ajax walk alongside them, as they head to the forest.

They arrive in the dark forest, with a thick canopy that almost entirely blocks out the sun.

Alecia takes the lead as they walk further into the forest. She feels something strange about the ground, and comes to a stop. It may be a trap.

Mechano fires his laser blaster at the ground, which gives way instantly into a 9 foot pitfall filled with large, sharpened stakes, and strange boxes attached to them. It was clearly designed to kill something big.

Mechano hovers down to examine the boxes, congratulating himself for “finding” the trap, even though Alecia’s the one who noticed it. He notices that these are boxes of explosive components that – if jostled – would create a tremendous explosion. The trap is a “Wendigo’s oven,” a trap typically designed by humans or mutants to exploit the weaknesses of Wendigoes.

Mechano very carefully picks up three of the explosive charges and adds them to his inventory. He plans to make his own version of these bombs, that create an explosion in the shape of his own face.

Frisk says that they should take the stakes too— ostensibly to use as raw materials later, but in truth they just want to render the trap harmless. Mechano knocks the stakes down and they take them with them.

They come to a fork. On the left are bootprints, left by human-sized boots. On the right are much more careless-looking patterns, left by something substantially heavier.

Mechano wants to find the Wendigo and the Resonator first, but Frisk thinks the highest priority is finding the lost human – and doesn’t want to fight the Wendigo anyway. Alecia wonders where Mechano picked up this kid, and Asriel explains how they met.

Frisk manages to convince Mechano to go left for now, telling him that if they can find Mathias, he’d be indebted to the party, and the rewards would be increased.

Alecia, bored by Frisk and Mechano’s debate and not paying as much attention to her surroundings, steps into a trap that yanks her away. Frisk jumps out of the walker and follows after. Mechano momentarily shrugs, happy that Alecia is out of the way – then remembers that if anything happens to Frisk, he’ll be in hot water with Toriel. Reluctantly, he gives chase.

Alecia cuts the rope, and drops down, landing on another pitfall trap which gives way immediately. She falls into the explosive charges, which blow up immediately and set her on fire.

The party arrives to find her momentarily. Frisk dumps their water canteen on her. Mechano halfheartedly shoots the wall, to try to dislodge enough dirt to fall on her to douse the fire.

Frisk asks what Mechano is doing and tries to grab his canteen; Mechano says it’s his water, and he doesn’t have to share it if he doesn’t want to. Frisk tries to take it by force, but Mechano knocks them down and sticks his tongue out at them tauntingly… while they start to cry in the dirt. He then fires another shot, and successfully dislodges enough dirt to douse the fire this time.

Ajax helps Alecia out of the hole.

Mechano suggests that Alecia should return to town since she’s injured; Obviously, he doesn’t want her to tag along due to her seeking the Resonator. Alecia flips him off, as Mechano offers a mocking “You’re welcome” for saving her. Frisk applies first-aid to her burns.

They return to the road. They find a shack in the middle of a clearing. It’s a hunter’s outpost.

Frisk knocks on the door. A voice asks who’s there. Frisk responds, “Dishes.” The voice is perplexed, and cautiously asks, “Dishes… who?” Frisk responds, “Dishes a very bad joke!”

The voice goes silent, but is assured it’s not a Wendigo because they don’t make such awful jokes. The door unlocks, and inside is a tiger mystic.

When he sees everyone, he’s relieved because he thinks they’re a hunting party. He introduces himself as Juan, from the beast tribe. He’d come to hunt the Wendigo, but got separated from his hunting party. His friends, Bud the Tengu and Aima the Mermaid, are still lost somewhere.

Juan explains that Wendigos are expert climbers, so a pitfall trap wouldn’t work well against one.

Frisk gets a water-refill and a first aid kit from Juan. They give the kit to Alecia.

Juan explains that Bud is a tengu, and probably would fly away to get help. Aima, however, would hide in a body of water – being a mermaid.

Juan offers rations – Frisk refuses, as they brought their own. Mechano accepts, despite bringing his own.

Juan explains that the roads seem to be changing, as if by magic, each day. He also mentions that while exploring the forest, he encountered a strange purple mist, and when he entered it, he became disoriented and ended up ultimately unable to progress any farther. He says the Wendigo had been seen near the mist, although he is unsure whether it was also disoriented by it, or if it was using it for cover.

They find paths with various-sized footprints. One has small footprints, and one has huge monster-sized ones. The footprints are huge— bigger than a Wendigo’s, and much rounder. Mechano suggests they split up in order to better find the Resonator. Frisk, Asriel, and Juan follow the smaller footprints; Mechano, Alecia, and Ajax take the other route.

Frisk’s team finds a clearing, seeing a person there. They’re slumped down against a tree, next to what looks like shallow graves with human body parts sticking from them. The person looks at Frisk and asks what they’re doing there. Frisk notices that the person has no legs.

Frisk asks what happened. The man says that the Wendigo did this. He says he’s Mathias, who Frisk remembers is Aaron’s supplier. Frisk dresses Mathias’s wounds, despite his insistence that Frisk and company run away. After stabilizing him, Frisk goes to find Mechano.

Meanwhile, a huge clawed hand rips from the trees at Alecia, but misses her. Alecia sees the hand belongs to a huge eight-foot-tall creature wearing a goat’s skull with six horns as a mask.

Mechano sics his Blade Drone on the creature, but it doesn’t do any damage. Alecia hits it with her lance. Suddenly, the creature opens its mouth wide, and it makes a terrible loud noise. It damages Alecia. Mechano tries shooting it, but he (and his Blade Drone, still attacking on its own) misses. Alecia hits it again, dealing damage. It swipes back at her with its claws, dealing ice damage.

Mechano uses his Scan Monocle to see the enemy’s stats, and realizes that it can stretch its arms a considerable distance, a terrifying roar attack, and that Wendigos are weak against fire and wind attacks. Mechano’s blade drone gives it a stab while it’s distracted.

Alecia says that it’s about time the Blade Drone did something useful. Mechano gets defensive, saying “Don’t listen to her, Bladey!”

The Wendigo roars at Mechano and Alecia, damaging them both.

Mechano, now armed with the knowledge that the Wendigo is weak against fire, lobs one of the explosives at it. It explodes, damaging the Wendigo. The Blade drone strikes again, but misses.

Alecia just keeps on stabbing, damaging it again. The Wendigo angrily swipes Mechano, damaging him. Mechano angrily throws an explosive charge right at it, setting the Wendigo on fire.

Frisk arrives on the scene, finding the burning, bleeding Wendigo. They shout to the Wendigo, telling it to stand down in order to receive mercy. Frisk then splashes the Wendigo with water from their canteen to douse the flames. The Wendigo, somewhat stunned, accepts Frisk’s offer of mercy and hunches down, trying to make itself look less intimidating. Frisk shackles the Wendigo, which astounds Mechano.

The Wendigo points to a path, which leads to a densely-wooded area. Frisk, confused, asks if something dangerous is down that path, but the Wendigo shakes its head and points more insistently. Frisk tells the Wendigo that they’ll go look, but they need to leave the manacles in place while they do.

As Frisk heads down the path, Mechano and Alicia follow, stunned by what just happened. Mechano asks how Frisk did that, but they brush it off, saying that’s not important just then. Frisk mentions that Mathias is alive (for now), and that they need to hurry and get to him as soon as they’re finished dealing with the Wendigo.

The party reaches a strange clearing with a bunch of grass heaped together in a large circle. As they approach, they smell something unpleasant. There are three very tiny forms laying in the circle, with messed-up faces that are difficult to discern. These are baby Wendigos that have been dead for a long time. It looks as though they died from a disease that malformed their bodies. Mechano surmises that the Wendigo they had fought was their mother— and that she had been hunting humans in desperation to try to get her children to eat, not understanding they were already dead. Alicia is unable to look at the scene, though she tries to play it off as cool indifference.

Frisk suggests taking the Wendigo back to the fortress. Mechano mulls it over; thinking it might be useful to have such a powerful creature under his command, and decides that’s more useful than the reward money.



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