Drifters Beta Test

Log 1 - Mechano Drops In & Frisk Flees

Frisk is out exploring the ruins, where they, Toriel, and Asriel live.

Frisk knows not to touch certain things in the ruins, thanks to Toriel’s warnings. Deeper into the ruins are things that look like doors, but Frisk has never figured out how to open them.

Today, Frisk is out with their bug net, at Toriel’s favorite bug-hunting spot.

Meanwhile, the nefarious Dr. Mechano is digging for a Resonator Stone, an artifact said to hold great power. He lounges back in his hulking mech, the Mechano Walker, while his robotic lackeys – the Minioids – dig up the area in search of the stone. His assistant Robutler fans him as he “supervises” the Minioids’ work.

Robutler reminds Mechano that these ancient ruins are very delicate, and that they should be careful digging them up. Mechano is unconcerned with the preservation of the ruins, but understandably agrees that they should take caution for safety’s sake.

A Minioid finds something shiny, and waves Mechano over. However, before they can bring the shiny object over, the ground collapses, sending the Minioid plummeting into the ground below.

“No!” Mechano calls out in despair, “My precious, beloved… Resonator! …I have to go down there and save it!”

Mechano leaves Robutler to watch the remaining Minioids, and flies down in his Mechano Walker after the lost Minioid and Resonator.

The bottom of the pit is pitch-black, and Mechano can’t see a thing. Mechano uses an electronic light to illuminate the area. It’s one of the oldest rooms in the ruins, overrun with vines. There appears to be a door – and a dog door, as well. And there seems to be some humanoid figure in the corner.

Mechano approaches the figure, and discovers that it’s metallic. One of the arms breaks right off as soon as Mechano picks it up. It’s at least 2,000 years old, possibly even older. He tries to take it to use it for scrap metal, but the whole thing breaks apart as soon as he moves it. A few large pieces are still intact, so he takes those. (+5 scraps)

Mechano tries to enter the door in the pit, but it won’t budge. He examines the door, and it has three shapes on it. These ancients were obsessed with the geometrical platonic solids. He pushes the square in the door, which opens it.

Meanwhile, Frisk is just playing in the ruins. They find a beautiful monarch butterfly. When suddenly, a wall opens a little robot tumbles out.

It pushes itself up, saying “Owww… Where’d my shiny thing go?”

“Oh! A person’s here! Hi! I’m one of Dr. Mechano’s loyal Minioids!” it says.

“Oh! I’m Frisk! Hey, you’re cute! Wanna date?” Frisk asks.

“Uh… Maybe later!” the Minioid the said, “I need to find the shiny thing for Dr. Mechano!”

“Who’s Dr. Mechano?” Frisk asks.

“He’s the greatest scientist who ever lived!” the Minioid says excitedly, “And someday he’s gonna rule the world! And we’re gonna help him do it!”

Frisk is a bit perplexed by this, but agrees to help the Minioid find what they lost. They also offer to take the Minioid back to their house, and they happily tag along.

Suddenly, as they walk, one of the traingular things rises out of the ground. The Minioid is interested in it, but Frisk says they’re not supposed to touch it.

Green lights emit from the triangular object. They’re confused by it, but it subsides. They continue toward Frisk’s home.

On the way, a mechanical guardian. It runs a similar light over Frisk and the Minioid. It draws a glowing blue saber, and drones out a monotonous series of incomprehensible words.

Frisk screams out for Toriel. The mechanical guardian approaches, as the Minioid cowers behind Frisk.

Frisk grabs the Minioid’s hand and starts running. They run through a series of forking hallways, putting some distance between themselves and the machine.

Frisk calms down the panicked Minioid as they reach a circular dead-end. They hear mechanical clanging coming from behind the guardian.

Mechano emerges from the room he descended into, and sees the mechanical guardian banging on the wall. He grumbles about this ancient tech being incompetent, and blasts it in the back with his laser gun.

The machine turns around, and seems to be scanning Mechano for a moment, then raises its blade and advances.

Mechano sends out a Blade Drone to slash at the guardian. It manages to damage the guardian a little bit.

The guardian slashes at Mechano’s mech, but it doesn’t do any damage. Mechano sighs in frustration at the weak robot and blasts its face off with his laser blaster. Meanwhile, the Blade Drone takes another whack at it, dealing significant damage and destroying the guardian. Mechano realizes it’s the same kind of machine as the figure he found earlier.

The Blade Drone flies back to Mechano, who congratulates it and gives it a little pat.

The Minioid sees Dr. Mechano, and runs up and hugs his mech’s leg. Mechano asks where the Resonator is, but the Minioid lost it, and babbles about pie and the new friend they made. They drag Frisk out to meet Mechano, who is surprised to see a child living in the ruins.

Frisk tells Mechano that he has pretty eyes, confusing and angering Mechano. Frisk tells him that their guardian, Toriel, is a Hind. He’s annoyed that other people are aware of his presence here, and tries to excuse himself before meeting a potentially-powerful foe.

Frisk asks the Minioid when they’re going to have that date, eliciting a perplexed response from Mechano.

As Mechano is about to leave with his Minioid, he hears plodding footsteps approaching. They all turn to see Toriel arrive.

Frisk calls out to Toriel and hugs her.

Toriel is confused about what happened. Frisk explains what had chased after them.

Toriel doesn’t know who Mechano is either, which Mechano takes advantage of. He lies to her, saying that the Resonator he’s looking for was originally his, and that it simply fell into the ruins by mistake. The Minioid, M-55, knows where it is and draws a crude map of its whereabouts.

Toriel offers to lead them into the ruins, and Mechano decides to use her immense strength to his advantage.

Frisk tugs on Toriel’s dress, saying that if there are more of these machines around, they shouldn’t leave Asriel alone.

Mechano whispers to M-55 to keep it quiet about his world-domination ambitions, since these two somehow don’t know who Mechano is.

M-55 excitedly looks forward to going back to Toriel’s place for pie, while Mechano impatiently groans at the prospect. He doesn’t want pie or a rest! He just wants his Resonator so that he can conquer the world!

Toriel leads the way, and Frisk, Mechano, and M-55 follow. They arrive at her home.

Mechano leaves his mech outside, and he and the Minioid enter the house uncertainly.

There are only three chairs. Toriel offers to stand, and Mechano – ever the gentleman – is totally fine with taking one of the remaining chairs.

Mechano complains about having to wait to get his Resonator. M-55 bounces excitedly, and Frisk contentedly waits for the pie.

Toriel arrives, with Asriel – another Hind – about Frisk’s age. Asriel is fascinated by the Minioid.

Toriel serves pie to everyone. She asks about Mechano’s life.

He lies about being an explorer who investigates ancient caves. He says he’s a supervilla-archaeologist, which Frisk posits is an explorer who specializes in villages. The Minioid almost spills the beans on their world-conquering real goals, and Mechano stuffs a slice of pie in its mouth to shut it up.

Frisk tells Toriel about the mysterious green light, and Toriel is concerned. She surmises that the Resonator might be awakening the ancient machines. Mechano has no idea if that’s true or not, but agrees to get them to help him find it.

M-55 talks about falling down one of the chutes in the ruins, which the others have never heard of.

They agree to take Asriel along, just in case the house is attacked while they’re gone.

Toriel reminds Frisk to take their locket. Asriel excitedly reminds everyone that he has his too.

Toriel checks to see if there’s anything worth taking with them, and gets a satchel with a first aid kit, a healing potion, and a blue magic potion.

Mechano urges everyone to hurry up and go find the Resonator, and they set out.

They arrive at three doors – bearing the images of a star, the moon, and a four-sided stone.

Asriel thinks the star is really cool. He’s come here before, but could never get it to do anything.

Mechano presses the moon door, but it doesn’t do anything.

Frisk suggests pressing all three doors instead. They do. The doors reset, but don’t open.

Mechano suggests just blasting the doors down, but Toriel reminds him that this could cause a cave-in. He begrudgingly admits Toriel is right.

Mechano examines the doors a bit more closely, realizing that this was a more recent culture – one fixated on astrology rather than simple geometric shapes. Symbolism like this is common throughout the world, reminiscent of an old creation myth where the stars and moon are the parents of a planet. There’s likely a connection between the myth and this mechanism.

Mechano tries to press the switches in a specific order – stars, moon, planet. Then the floor descends like an elevator, and the room descends.

At the bottom is a mural. On it is a grand city. Next is people – not quite humanoid. Next image is what appears to be a mathematical equation. Next is some kind of grand mechanism with an unclear purpose. The final image is a pentagon; within it, a square, and within it a triangle. In the triangle is a symbol that the party cannot decipher.

The elevator stops. Behind the party is a new hallway into a new portion of the ruins.

Mechano, using his lights, leads the way into the dark hallway. It’s full of old garbage and ancient machines.

They reach a large room with an opaque glass ceiling. They find a console that seems to be in unusually good shape compared to the rest of the room.

Mechano decides to press the big red button on the console. They hear the chugging of a generator. Lights come on from above.

Asriel and Frisk randomly mash keys on the keyboard, much to Mechano’s chagrin. Garbled static appears on the screen.

From out of nowhere, we hear a voice ask “Is someone there?”

Frisk answers the speaker, but thinks the speaker itself is the source of the voice, and that someone’s trapped inside.

The voice says they need to jump dimensions to get a better signal. The screen starts to display a somewhat clearer, but still distorted, image.

The voice introduces itself as Jomra. Says his time’s long since passed.

Jomra and his people have been trapped between timelines for thousands of years, able to see – but not interact with – their old kingdom.

Jomra says that if they can find a way to free him, he’ll give them anything they want; Richs, their kingdom, even their secret knowledge of time travel. Mechano is instantly interested in acquiring all of that power, and offers, out of the goodness of his heart, to help free Jomra and his people.

They learn that they need three Resonator stones to begin the process of freeing them, and Jomra instructs them as to how to find the first one, still in the ruins.

As an early installment reward, Jomra offers Mechano their old fortress, just west of the ruins.

Jomra warns them to watch out for a tall man, who looks like a human with two horns. Frisk wonders if it could be a Hind— but neither Toriel nor Asriel look like humans. Frisk asks Toriel, who doesn’t have any clue what such a creature could be.

Jomra departs, promising Mechano riches and power.

Mechano grins, “I don’t say this about people too often, but I really like that guy!”

Toriel seems concerned and distrustful of Jomra, but Frisk says that even if he is lying, if they really are trapped there, they need to help him. Toriel agrees that they must help people in need.

Mechano shrugs to M-55, saying that their original plan to use a single Resonator to power a superweapon to defeat Captain Cool probably wouldn’t have worked anyway, and that collecting three of them to free Jomra and take his power would be a much better plan.

Asriel asks who Captain Cool is, and Frisk asks why a super village archaeologist would need a superweapon; Mechano lies and says that his heroic arch-nemesis is an evildoer who mercilessly freezes people while making terrible ice puns.

They head to an elevator. It takes the party down to a lower level of the ruins.

They find a very pristine room with three large circular slots. In one of them is a green circular stone with electricity leaping within its interior. It’s the Resonator.

Mechano is excited, and proclaims how great it is that they’re one step closer to acquiring Jomra’s power. Asriel gets excited too, and thinks how awesome it is that Mechano has a new fort. They bond a bit over filling it with totally-cool robots and weapons. Frisk just thinks it’d be neat to have a pillow fort.

Mechano reluctantly agrees to let Frisk, Toriel, and Asriel tag along back to the fort – Having a couple of Hinds on the team could be beneficial. A little fire-magic in Mechano’s corner could certainly help him out of a few tight spots as they looked for the remaining two Resonators.

They take the elevator back up to the surface of the ruins. It leads to a nearby hill. Mechano contacts Robutler, tells him to meet him at the new fortress, and to tell the Minioids to not mention their goals of world conquest around the “guests.”

They head to the old fortress. Smoke rises from the building. Mechano is irritated that there might be people living in his new fortress, and charges in.

They find a horned man sitting at a campfire. Mechano demands to know why he’s there.

The guy asks, “You really bought it?” and explains that this is a trick. That there’s nothing to be gained from walking down this path.

He introduces himself as Glund. He says that if something’s too good to be true, it shouldn’t be trusted.

Frisk asks if he knew those people, and if they’re really trapped in there. Glund doesn’t know for sure, but says that there have been many other people who have attempted this quest, suckered into it by promises of riches or glory, and that the stories they’ve been told always seem to change. He seems convinced that the promised rewards are a lie, and says that, although he likes humans, they’re far too naive when it comes to such things.

But Frisk isn’t interested in the reward, and doesn’t care if it was a lie. They want to help the trapped people just because it’s the right thing to do. Glund says Frisk reminds him of an old friend, and asks them to promise to be careful.

Glund leaves. Frisk casually asks Asriel if he’ll have horns like that when he grows up. Asriel hopes not, as it would make simple things like sleeping difficult. Toriel chuckles and assures him that his horns won’t get that big.

Deciding that they need to find a bedroom, Frisk and Asriel run off to see the rest of the fortress. Mechano and Toriel remain in the main room, as Mechano surveys the area.

The fortress is huge— three stories tall, and big enough to host a much larger force than the party. There are plenty of amenities, and although they are worn out and old, they could be restored without too much trouble. In addition to having many bedrooms, there’s a communal bath house, a cafeteria, a green house, a storage room, and a greenhouse.

The greenhouse is overgrown with wild plants, and likely needs to be cleared out, but once it is, it could support a magnificent garden. Frisk suggests the idea to Asriel, who thinks that would be really cool.

Next, they check out the bathhouse. Neither Frisk nor Asriel have ever seen a faucet before, and don’t recognize the indentation in the floor as a bathtub. They try pulling on one of the faucet handles curiously, but it doesn’t budge due to rust.

They have a great view of the outside from the balcony. There are mountains to the south, a river to the west, and a great city to the southeast, barely seen from this distance. Although they cannot see it from here, Frisk knows that the remains of their home village lie to the north…

Frisk and Asriel pick a corner room on the third floor for themselves, on the logic that the corner rooms have more windows and thus a nicer view of the outside. But there’s no actual bed inside— only a cot, and no other furniture of furnishings. Frisk tells Asriel that they’re going to need to get a real bed, and he emphatically agrees.

Returning to the main room, Frisk gets Mechano to follow them to the bathhouse. They ask him if he knows what it is, since he’s the expert on machines. Mechano seems surprised and explains that it’s a bathtub, curious how Frisk wouldn’t know that. Frisk explains that they’d never seen anything like that— the bathtubs Toriel used were metallic things that she heated with fire magic, and even back in their human village, they had used similar tubs. Mechano tries to turn it on to explain how it works, but he can’t budge the handles either. He says he’ll fix the plumbing.

Once again returning to the main room, Frisk asks Toriel about her friends, who she lost contact with. Frisk explains their idea that, now that they have this fortress, it could be used to gather them together. Toriel agrees. Frisk wants to find them, particularly hoping that they will have news of any survivors from their village. Toriel tells them not to give up hope. She says there are many nearby cities, and suggests that other members of her group may be hiding out in them.



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